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Ancient Olympia or bust


Salford Sonic Fusion Festival

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As each month passes @SalfordUni, there is another amazing thing happening. The other week it was #SonicFusion, directed by Prof Stephen Davismoon who just happens to be best mates with...


One teacher per student

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This week, I was in Seoul presenting at the Global Education Dialogue run by the British Council and co-hosted by hte Korean Council for University Education. The conference focused on...


Are mirrors becoming obsolete?

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On Valentines Day, I was quoted in The Times for an article about the replacement of mirrors by screens. Here’s a link to the article, but here’s the full quotes...


Drones for Good?

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Today, I published a piece on #drones for @conversationUK, which explores some of the new applications that are emerging and which were showcased at the Drones for Good international prize...


Future City 2015

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On 10th Feb, I will be the MC for an event run by the @UKTI in Paris looking tagged #FutureCity2015. In relation to this, I  was asked also to make a film...


10 years on @Flickr

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This month, I will have been using the photo sharing platform @Flickr for 10 years, posting nearly 1,000 photos per year. For a while, Flickr seemed to lose pace, as other...