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The Twitter Olympics

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Sport Photography

Over the last 2 years, I have got to know a number of remarkable photographers via the International Olympic Committee. It seems to me that sport photography is one of the most challenging subjects to really shoot well and shoot in an original way. I was glad to have a chance to be track side...

Social Media

What’s trending at #ECSS2014?

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In July, I ran a social media and sport workshop at #ECSS2014. Here’s a video made from the congress, where I talk a bit about social media… And here’s the...


Understanding Digital Health

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I have just published a new article with Dr Emma Rich, which writes about how we should think about the rise of mHealth. It is published in the Open Access...


My top 10 digital platforms

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This month, I was asked by All Media Scotland to collate my top 10 digital platforms. this is part of a series of top 10s they have done with media practitioners....


Sochi 2014 & Social Media

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This week, I was in Paris for a meeting convened by the International Olympic Committee’s Head of Media Operations Anthony Edgar and outgoing IOC Press Commission Chair Kevin Gosper. It...

Social Media

Sport, Technology, & Social Media

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This week, I was in Plymouth giving a public lecture on social media and sport. The lecture spanned wearable technology such as Google Glass to virtual reality simulations....

Wearable Technology

Mobile Media & Morality

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Keynote talk for the conference titled Social Media Analysis: Methods and Ethics, which took place at Glasgow University. My lecture was titled Mobile Media & Morality: Cultivating Ethical Sensitivity in Social...