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Google Glass Explorer

I recently joined the Google Glass Explorer community, after having spent the last few months working on a couple of papers about Glass. Planning a little film project around the experience and a whole bunch of other stuff. Watch this space....

Social Media

Sport, Technology, & Social Media

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This week, I was in Plymouth giving a public lecture on social media and sport. The lecture spanned wearable technology such as Google Glass to virtual reality simulations....

Wearable Technology

Mobile Media & Morality

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Keynote talk for the conference titled Social Media Analysis: Methods and Ethics, which took place at Glasgow University. My lecture was titled Mobile Media & Morality: Cultivating Ethical Sensitivity in Social...


Sport Accord Convention: Youth Club [VIDEO]

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The Sport Accord Convention is talked about as the United Nations of Sport, where all Federations come together. This was my second year of being a speaker at the Convention...