15 Seconds of What I’m Working On Right Now

2015.07: Preparing for Brazil trip – 4 different locations – one in Sao Roque de Minas to use drone to track animals in the savannah with Prof Rob Young, then to  deep Amazon at a research institute. Afterwards, trip to Chernobyl with Dr Mike Wood; meanwhile working on Project Daedalus showcase and figuring out a whole bunch of drone activity. Also, have BIG Science Communicators conference – I won their Josh Award for 2015 :)

2015.03: So much happening right now. Working with colleagues to produce some documentaries around their research, with trips to the Amazon, India, and Chernobyl in the pipeline. Finished book on Sport 2.0 for MIT Press, working on more Drone research, planning for Sport Accord in Russia, judging for FameLab, working on an awesome MSc plan, designing some websites, and writing about bioart.

2015.01: Where did the last 5 months go!? Now at Salford University, working on way too many things. Principal focus is Project Daedalus, but also focused on finishing my Sport 2.0 book. Recently launched a MOOC with the IOC on Sports Media. Coordinating Salford’s contribution to the Manchester European City of Science programme.

2014.08:  At the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, where I am an IOC mentor for the Young Reporters programme. I am essentially introducing the reporters to using social media within journalism, focusing particularly on experimental platforms and using Google Glass. Here are some of the films we made while there.

2014.07:  I have just decided to keep writing the text updates as well as the video updates. So, currently working with Google Glass. I have the IAAF World Junior Championships later this month, where I will give social media training to athletes, along with Olympic champions Ato Bolden and Charmaine Crooks, who will give other training #awesome!

2013.06: I can’t believe it’s 5 months since I updated this. Where to start? Highlights have been a meeting in New York, invited by the IOC’s Media Ops Director Anthony Edgar. It was a sweet meeting for just 50 leading media pros around the world. Gave a ‘future media’ talk. Went down a storm and have had loads of follow up already. Possible gig with CNN at the next Olympics using Google Glass. Also was in Russia for the Sport Accord Convention, giving keynote on Bionic Sport and a city summit panel on Social Media. Most of my time is focused on the REF now, as the deadlines approach, but also managing the Creative Futures Institute, as we built capacity.

2013.01: Started the year by creating the A-Z of Social Media for Academics, along with a new Social Media News email list, to share info about new apps, platforms and tools for creating material that can be useful for academics. This blog post has rapidly become my most viewed posting and was shared by a number of great organizations, like Nature, the LSE, the ESRC and more. The email list already has over 250 people signed up too, which is a great start.

2012.12: A lot of this month has been spent working up our draft submission for the Research Excellence Framework in 2013. Related to this, I started a web project aimed at crowdsourcing knowledge for our community. I’ve also been thinking about a few new projects to start up, writing something about Pharma 2.0, drawing on my 2008 book about health online. took part in a Battle of Ideas event at the Royal Academy of Engineering with some smart panellist, which was a lot of fun. Also speaking to a tv production company about presenting a documentary. That’s about it for now.

2012.10: This month I am speaking at the Royal College of Art again at their Design Interactions programme, focused on Future Sports. Also in Stuttgart for university meetings, but also focused on REF2014 preparation and finishing my MIT book on CyberSport.

2012.07-09: In London for the Olympic & Paralympic Games. Days are spent seeing sport, culture, journalists, organizers and interviewing for the media. Crazy month!

2012.06: How time flies! In the last few months, I’ve given talks in Taipei, Madrid, Edinburgh, Brussels. I’ve seen the London 2012 Olympic flame, the Falls of Niagara and have been profiled in the Scotsman and El Pais. Right now working on #media2012 plans and finishing an article for Politics Studies Review.

2012.02: Focused squarely on completing my book for MIT Press and promoting #media2012.  Also working on REF2014 coordination for my School.

2011.12: Can’t quite fathom how it’s been 4 months since i’ve updated this, but time flies, as they say. So, in a nutshell, I’ve been busy launching the Creative Futures Research Centre website, appointing its first Associates and Advisory Board, leading my School’s submission on the Research Excellence Framework 2014 submission, and giving talks all over the place, but in Europe mainly, except for Moscow. Highlights include the Abandon Normal Devices festival and the Battle of Ideas, but most exciting of all, @ethanmiahgarcia started walking.

2011.08: Working on a manuscript about the ethics of human enhancement for a Spanish project, a chapter on bioart, a documentary pitch on transhumanism, and back into my MIT book on Cybersport. Also, taking a bit of time in Barcelona.

2011.05: Finishing book for Routledge on ‘The Olympics’ for ‘The Basics’ series. Also, reviewing Nick Bostrom’s commissioned piece for the Foresight Horizon Scanning Centre in the UK Government Office for Science about the ‘Future of Identity’.  Working on my MIT Book ‘A Digital Olympics’ and a bunch of engagements from the Cheltenham Science Festival (synthetic biology and human enhancement), #media2012 pitch to the BBC London 2012 Steering Committee and the Virtual Futures conference in Warwick. No doubt will also be focused on the RE:WIRE conference programme too.

2011.04: Finishing trip to New Zealand with a quick stop over in Sydney to check out the ten year legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Presently in Christchurch, which is still picking up the pieces from the February earthquake. Developing website for the Creative Futures Research Centre and finalizing advisory board members.

2011.02: Finished a marathon of conference presentations and now focused on my MIT book about digital technology and the Olympic Games, while also squeezing in a book titled ‘The Olympics’ for Routledge’s ‘The Basics’ series. This should see me through to April. Also planning visit to New Zealand as a visiting fellow at University of Otago – through Prof Colin Gavaghan in the law school, who’s working with the genetics department to bring me there. I’ll be giving a bunch of public lectures around NZ while there. Also this month, planning meetings for RE:WIRE and FACT’s Nam June Paik conference on Friday 18th. Finally, scoping out material for a possible International Handbook on Sport and New Media for Routledge.

2010.12: Currently my writing is focused on 2 book chapters, one on New Media for William Sims Bainbridge, for a book on Leadership in Science and Technology, another for John Nauright, about Sport and New Media, for a book on Global Issues and Sport, i think. Each of these are steps towards completing sections for the 2 books I’m focused on – both Olympic/Digital related – and a new book proposal I’ve been asked to write on Sport and New Media. Project work focused around #media2012 and upcoming regional meeting in the South West. A few presentations coming up, mostly in the UK, around the usual varied themes. Major events are the PODIUM annual conference in February, followed by the NeuroArts conference in Plymouth (both in same week), where I’ll talk about Neuroethics.