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Science Fiction

How to make your own superhero

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It is a rare thing for me to be invited to speak at a Science Fiction convention, but this year I was asked to present my research within the George...


Congress of Brilliant Minds

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I was in Madrid last week for the Congress of Brilliant Minds. Some really amazing other speakers were there, including Steve McCurry, Teresa Morales, David Peterson, and Steve Wozniak Here are...


Battle of Ideas

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From 28-30 October, I’ll be speaking at the Battle of Ideas in London. I’ll take part in two sessions, both broadly focused on the ethics of biological modification. The first...


Deporte, ética y derecho

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In Octubre, estare hablar sobre deporte, ética y derecho en Barcelona por el Universidad Pomeu Fabra. Es un conferencia en la escula de derecho y abajo tiene la programa. Within...

Wired Magazine

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An interview with Wired about the use of functional surgery to increase the resilience of fighters....


Seeking Perfection

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On Tuesday 26th, I gave an opening address to the Seeking Perfection event hosted by #msf2010 and co-funded by Wellcome and Nowgen. The evening was spent hearing from speakers about...

BBC Focus

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My latest press clipping is in the BBC Focus lead feature on ‘Superhuman’, which runs in the May edition. Check it out for some great visuals and ideas....



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I’ll be speaking here next week on: Mashing-Up Computing & Biology: From Digital Bodies to Enhanced Humans “This presentation discusses the emerging era of human enhancement as an interface between...

Human Enhancement

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Human Enhancement Brussels, May 2008. Human Enhancement    1 Ethiques et conduits dopantes    1 Patrick Laure, Universite Paris XI-Orsay    1 Ethiques et conduits dopantes Patrick Laure, Universite Paris XI-Orsay Sense des...

European Parliament

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Presentation given 15 mins ago on human enhancement technologies…. and some photos from the event.. and some notes too… Human Enhancement European Parliament Martinjntje Smits, Ratheneau What is new about...

Paralympics 2.0

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Just published a new position piece for the Hastings Center online environment, Bioethics Forum: Friday, June 6, 2008 Paralympics 2.0 BY ANDY MIAH Oscar Pistorius was right all along, at...