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Justifying Human Enhancement: The Accumulation of Biocultural Capital (2013)

Miah, A. (2013) Justifying Human Enhancement: The Accumulation of Biocultural Capital, in More, M. & Vita-More, N. The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future, Wiley-Blackwell. MORE INFO Here are the editors talking about the book… Extract of my Chapter The argument on behalf of biocultural capital claims...


TEDx Warwick

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On Saturday 9th March, I’ll give a talk as part of TEDx Warwick. This will be the second time I’ve spoken at Warwick, the first being at the Virtual Futures...


My secret article on Lance Armstrong

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I’ve been tweeting recently that I have written a radical new piece about Lance Armstrong. A few people are still helping me find the right home for it, but here’s...


So Long, Lance. Next, 21st-Century Doping.

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This is the title of an article published in the New York Times on 20 January, 2013, written by the Atlantic’s David Ewing Duncan. It responds to the recent confession...