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Wearable Technology

Is Google Glass Intelligent? #throughglass

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Over the last few months, I have been traveling the world wearing Google Glass, giving demos to people, seeing their reactions, documenting the journey. One quirk I have noticed over...


Salford International Media Festival #SIMF14

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This week saw some of the UK’s best media pros come to Salford – many of them are already here of course! The phenomenal venue of Media City was a...


Smart Cities, Smart Sports

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My talk from the City Events programme in Paris this week. There was a lot of talk on alternative sports events, perhaps cities are tired of multi-sport mega events, which...


Social Media & Radio: A Natural Born Partnership?

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This week, I a gave a talk for the European Broadcasting Union at their HQ in Geneva. Here’s the manuscript: Are Social Media and Radio Natural Born Partners? by Professor...


Bioarte: Actuacion Transhumana y Posthumana

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Este mes, tengo un nuevo capitulo en el primer libro del nuevo revista Teknokultura. If you like a bit of bioart and a bit of spanish, then check it out!...

Science Communication

Expanding the Ebola debate

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Back in September, I chaired a public debate for the British Society for Parasitology, which began with the emerging crisis around Ebola. In this film you will see what scientists...