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International Drones for Research Network

This week, I’ve launched the ‘International Drones for Research Network‘, an initiative that emerges from my thoughts around Project Daedalus, but also from the many conversations I have had with colleagues over the year about the utilization of drones for a whole range of research projects. Personally, I am curious to learn about new projects and want...


Salford International Media Festival #SIMF14

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This week saw some of the UK’s best media pros come to Salford – many of them are already here of course! The phenomenal venue of Media City was a...


Smart Cities, Smart Sports

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My talk from the City Events programme in Paris this week. There was a lot of talk on alternative sports events, perhaps cities are tired of multi-sport mega events, which...


Social Media & Radio: A Natural Born Partnership?

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This week, I a gave a talk for the European Broadcasting Union at their HQ in Geneva. Here’s the manuscript: Are Social Media and Radio Natural Born Partners? by Professor...


Bioarte: Actuacion Transhumana y Posthumana

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Este mes, tengo un nuevo capitulo en el primer libro del nuevo revista Teknokultura. If you like a bit of bioart and a bit of spanish, then check it out!...

Science Communication

Expanding the Ebola debate

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Back in September, I chaired a public debate for the British Society for Parasitology, which began with the emerging crisis around Ebola. In this film you will see what scientists...

Manchester Science Festival

In Conversation with Marcus Coates

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How should we think about our relationship to other species – and their relationship to each other? This is the question we are invited to consider when seeing Marcus Coates’ new...