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I, Robot (2004)

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Drone Island #Bebopyourworld

I was out flying again yesterday and managed to capture my son playing in the nearby islands. I find it really wonderful that he will have such films about his life captured in this way and it’s another reminder of how drone technology is providing new memories of our lives. In the end, the best drone cinema...


The future of universities

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Article published in Zocalo, picked up by TIME:   Students will be in the driver’s seat — Andy Miah Technology will force universities to re-define their role within 21stcentury life,...


Salford Sonic Fusion Festival

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As each month passes @SalfordUni, there is another amazing thing happening. The other week it was #SonicFusion, directed by Prof Stephen Davismoon who just happens to be best mates with...


One teacher per student

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This week, I was in Seoul presenting at the Global Education Dialogue run by the British Council and co-hosted by hte Korean Council for University Education. The conference focused on...


Are mirrors becoming obsolete?

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On Valentines Day, I was quoted in The Times for an article about the replacement of mirrors by screens. Here’s a link to the article, but here’s the full quotes...


Drones for Good?

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Today, I published a piece on #drones for @conversationUK, which explores some of the new applications that are emerging and which were showcased at the Drones for Good international prize...