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Are mirrors becoming obsolete?

On Valentines Day, I was quoted in The Times for an article about the replacement of mirrors by screens. Here’s a link to the article, but here’s the full quotes I gave to Kaya Burgess, the article’s author: “As screens rapidly replace mirrors to occupy the reflective space in our lives, we find ourselves in...


Rae Morris opens in Liverpool

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Last night, I went along to shoot Rae Morris’ first gig in her UK tour, which launches her debut album. It was an extraordinary night and she’s clearly going places. A...


Digital Utopias

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Tomorrow, I am compèring the Digital Utopias conference, an event curated by @ANDfestival and produced by @GoogleUK @ACE_NAtional @Hull2017 @theSpaceArts and @BritishCouncil It’s an extraordinary programme. Here’s the brief: Digital Utopias is a one-day...

Wearable Technology

RIP Google Glass?

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Today, I received an email from Google Glass, telling me that it’s over! Here’s what they had to say: and I am also posting the ‘memories’ file they sent us –...


Should computer games be considered sports?

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This question frames a @BBC5Live debate tomorrow night I took part in @MediaCityUK . The show was in front of a live audience and went out on @BBC1 ‘red button’ and Twitch, where...


A career in sports broadcasting?

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Back in the summer of 2014, the International Amateur Athletic Federation brought me in to give some social media training for their athletes at the World Junior Championships. The others...


My #REF2014

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The #REF2014 results came out, but the details are still unpublished. I led the Unit 36 submission for the University of the West of Scotland, which managed to achieve a 25%...