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In Conversation with Marcus Coates

How should we think about our relationship to other species – and their relationship to each other? This is the question we are invited to consider when seeing Marcus Coates’ new work ‘The Sounds of Others’, which premiered at the Manchester Science Festival this week. I took part in a conversation with him and his collaborator...


Project Daedalus

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Ok, there are grants, and there are grants. This one is pretty, pretty, pretty, damn cool. We’ve called it Project Daedalus, after the creative father of Icarus, artist, crafter, mindful...


Let the Selfie Olympic Games Begin

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I have been in Nanjing for 4 days now and we have done our intensive training. Time to get out in the field. The 35 Young Reporters are extraordinary, so...


Movie Review: Her (2014)

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On a flight to the USA last week, I watched Her, a film so many people told me I had to see, since it was ‘on topic’. So, here’s what I...


Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games

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Next week, I head to Nanjing, where I will be the social media mentor for the IOC’s Young Reporters programme at the Youth Olympic Games. 35 amazing young reporters from...