BBC World Service (2012, Sept 3) Post-Oscar Pistorius upset

BBC World Service (2012, Aug 27) Inside the Paralympics

CBC The Current (2012, Aug 13)

Radio New Zealand, Nine ‘til Noon (17 March, 2011).

BBC Radio Scotland (2010, Oct 30) discussion about the end of the Sony Walkman.

BBC Radio 4 Start the Week with Andrew Marr (2008, December 15) discussion with Deyan Sudjitch, Tim Kirby, Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

Danish Broadcasting Corporation (May, 2008) The technological enhancement of man.

ABC The Sports Factor (2008, Mar) Blogging at the Beijing 2008 Olympics

BBC World Service (2007, Dec 28) News Hour.

CBC, The World at 6pm (news) (2007, Dec 14) Mitchell report into baseball.

BBC World Service (2007, August 24) Doping in Sport.

BBC World Service (2007, July) Science Discovery – Genetic Testing (Dir. Kirsten Webster).

ABC Brisbane (2007, Mar 24) New Media Futures.

BBC Radio Five Live (2007, Feb 21) Select Committee Report

BBC Radio Scotland (2006, Oct 17) Scotland Live, on stem cells and xenotransplantation, 1215-1245pm.

BBC Radio Five Live (2006, Oct 3) 9-10pm, debate about gene doping, also with Matthew Syed and Ted Friedmann.

BBC Scotland (2006, Aug 9) This Morning, News.

BBC Radio Five Live (2006, Aug 7) with Anita Anand.

BBC Radio 4 (2006, June 19).

WAMU, Washington, The Kojo Nnamdi Show (2005, Sept 26), other participants in programme included Richard W. Pound, Gary Wadler, Jose Canseco.

BBC Radio Five (2005, May 26) with Russell Fuller, 100% ME, UK Sport Anti-Doping.

BBC Radio Scotland (2005, March) Sports Weekly. Sport and Technology.

BBC Five Live Drive (2004, Dec) Interview about new genetic test for elite sport performance. Austrian Radio 4FM (National), (2004, Sept).

BBC Radio 4 ‘The Today Show’ 2004 August 14) with Pat Butcher, Financial Times.

BBC Five Live Drive, (2004, July).

Radio Salta 840AM, Argentina (2004, July).

BBC World Service ‘The News Hour’ (2004, July).

ChangeSurfer, USA, (2004, July) with James Hughes, Previous guests include Martha Nussbaum.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (2002, Oct) the Morning Show with Chris Howden.

BBC Radio Norfolk, The Today Show (2000 May) with Louise Welsh.

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JJJ National Radio, the 9am show (2000, Sept) with Daniel Hirst.

ABC (2000, Sept) live radio with Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne. (2000, March).