Science and Technology Studies is a good way of capturing what I do in all of my research. However, like most subject groupings, there is always something left out of the frame, when attempting to define something well.

Having said that, all of my work deals with emerging technological cultures, where new science and innovation gives rise to technology that humanity integrates into its daily life. Whether it is the use of cosmetic surgery or the development of artificial intelligence, what interests me is how we imagine the future of humanity as a relationship between biology and artifice.

Most of my time is spent horizon scanning, keeping an eye on what is coming around the corner and about to affect humanity. Whether it is the new iPhone in the West or the oldest mobile phones in developing nations, which give rise to new economic communities, technology and science creates new kinds of futures for people, for better or worse.

I am a technophile. I believe in the technological fix to social problems, but I don’t believe that either one alone will suffice. We need as much social change as technological, if not more, in order to make societies better.