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Convergence 08

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On November 15-16, 2008, the world’s most dangerous ideas will collide in Mountain View, California. Convergence08 examines the world-changing possibilities of Nanotech and the life-changing promises of Biotech. It is...


Nano Now

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The Institute of Nanotechnology is now offering its fantastic magazine for free electronic download.


New Phd student, Bettina Hoermann

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This week, I start working with another new PhD student, Bettina Hoermann from Germany. Tina will be working on a project that deals with upstream engagement issues related to nanotechnology....


NanoBio-RAISE (Grenoble, France)

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The NanoBio-RAISE project is proving to be very exciting. This week, we visited the hospital in Grenoble and witnessed a surgical procedure with a patient who has Parkinson’s Disease. Professor...