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Neohumanitas #bioethics

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I’ve recently joined the ad board of this new think tank in Switzerland. They’ve got an awesome amount of materials online already and publish in both English and French. Keep...


Human Enhancement in Brussels (2009, Feb 24)

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February 24, 2009 Brussels, Belgium IEET fellow Andy Miah will be speaking at the one day workshop for the European Parliament in Brussels, on Tuesday 24 February 2009 Sponsored by...


Synthetic Times (Exhibition, Beijing, Jun 10 -July 3, 2008)

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A BEIJING OLYMPICS CULTURAL PROJECT National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) No. 1 Wusi Street Dongcheng District Beijing 100010 P.R.ChinaJun 10, 2008 -July 3, 2008 During the 2008 Beijing Olympic...


Human Dignity and Bioethics

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I just received my copy of the new publication from the US President’s Council on Bioethics. This volume looks like a great addition to the literature. Human dignity featured heavily...


Future Ethics (Manchester, 2008-9)

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Future Ethics: Climate Change, Political Action and the Future of the Human An interdisciplinary workshop series, June 2008 – January 2009, held in Manchester. <> 3 one day workshops...

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Human Futures @ FACT launch

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Last night was the launch of the Human Futures exhibit SK-interfaces at FACT. It was really extraordinary and nice to see some friends come over for the event. The highlight...

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ORLAN at Goldsmiths (5 February, 208)

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ORLAN at Goldsmiths Tuesday 5 February 2008 6.15pm THE THEATRE Department of Drama The Department of Drama’s Performance Research Forum and the Digital Studios’ (Department of Computing) Thursday Club are...

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sk-interfaces (Liverpool, FACT, Feb 2008)

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New exhibition and conference starting the FACT programme. Looks good! “Designer hymens, a composite coat made of blended skin cultures by legendary French artist ORLAN, a brain infused with glowing...


Ethical Futures

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The RSA event last week was a whirlwind through so many different technologcical futures that tying everything together was quite a challenge. We roved from Web 2.0 to artificially intelligent...

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Human Futures @ FACT

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It’s perplexing how i can be invited all over the world to speak about this subject and, on my own doorstep, not a peep. There’s a moral here somewhere, and...