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Some photo highlights followed by a Flickr set

Genetically Evolved Technology, keep your eyes out for Luke Bawazar

Luke Bawazer TEDx Warwick 2013 #TEDxWarwick

all of us incredibly indebted to Lucy Hooberman for kickstarting this

TEDx Warwick 2013 #TEDxWarwick

Fabian’s photographic art will change how you see the world

Fabian Oefner TEDx Warwick 2013 #TEDxWarwick

Bob Bishop has pretty much been involved with every technological development ever and that’s no exaggeration ;) I had some great chats with him

TEDx Warwick 2013 #TEDxWarwick

My photo highlight from the day, Derek Paravicini is simply extraordinary

TEDx Warwick 2013 #TEDxWarwick

A real treat to see Sir Philip Craven and to chat with him about things he really didn’t expect someone at this event to know :)

TEDx Warwick 2013 #TEDxWarwick

a lovely end to the day, such a great team

TEDx Warwick 2013 #TEDxWarwick



March 10th, 2013

“Made in Britain” The London 2012 Games


Last night, the London 2012 Games drew to a close with the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony. Seb Coe’s speech stamped a message on the Games that captured the audience’s imagination and will be the defining message of the Olympic & Paralympic Games “London 2012: Made in Britain”  I was lucky enough to be in the stadium for the Closing Ceremony and it was second only to the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in imagination and power. A great closing night! For more photos, click here.

September 10th, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 8.55.13 AM

The Transhuman Paralympic Games


The controversy surrounding Oscar Pistorius and Alan Oliveira obscures a deeper issue that is at the heart of the battle between the Olympic & Paralympic Games. It is in their interest to promote different definitions of what it is to be human.

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