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City to City Forum #SAC2015

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Yesterday, I took part in a panel debate about what cities will look like in the future, what they need to do to deliver effective and compelling sports events, and...


Future City 2015

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On 10th Feb, I will be the MC for an event run by the @UKTI in Paris looking tagged #FutureCity2015. In relation to this, I  was asked also to make a film...

Wearable Technology

RIP Google Glass?

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Today, I received an email from Google Glass, telling me that it’s over! Here’s what they had to say: and I am also posting the ‘memories’ file they sent us –...

Wearable Technology

Is Google Glass Intelligent? #throughglass

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Over the last few months, I have been traveling the world wearing Google Glass, giving demos to people, seeing their reactions, documenting the journey. One quirk I have noticed over...


Smart Cities, Smart Sports

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My talk from the City Events programme in Paris this week. There was a lot of talk on alternative sports events, perhaps cities are tired of multi-sport mega events, which...


Project Daedalus

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Ok, there are grants, and there are grants. This one is pretty, pretty, pretty, damn cool. We’ve called it Project Daedalus, after the creative father of Icarus, artist, crafter, mindful...

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IAAF World Junior Championships

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This week, I am at the IAAF World Junior Chamionships in the USA to give social media training to athletes. Other trainers include the former world champion sprinter Ato Boldon, Olympic champion...

Wearable Technology

Google Glass Explorer

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I recently joined the Google Glass Explorer community, after having spent the last few months working on a couple of papers about Glass. Planning a little film project around the...

Social Media

What’s trending at #ECSS2014?

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In July, I ran a social media and sport workshop at #ECSS2014. Here’s a video made from the congress, where I talk a bit about social media… And here’s the...


My top 10 digital platforms

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This month, I was asked by All Media Scotland to collate my top 10 digital platforms. this is part of a series of top 10s they have done with media practitioners....

Social Media

Sport, Technology, & Social Media

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This week, I was in Plymouth giving a public lecture on social media and sport. The lecture spanned wearable technology such as Google Glass to virtual reality simulations....