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Electric Art – new commission

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Over the last few weeks, I have been working with the Manchester Science Festival and Electricity North West to launch a brief for a new artistic commission titled ‘Electric Art’....

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Democratic Art

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What makes art democratic is its capacity to allow someone to remake it as their own art work. Take this bench for example, part of the Liverpool Biennial 2012....

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Maywa Denki

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Visited FACT for conclusion of Human Futures Mind section – AL and AL exhibition closing event....

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Edge Hill Station, Liverpool

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Edge Hill Station, Liverpool Originally uploaded by andymiah Last Friday, I attended the opening of the Pavillion at Edge Hill Station, a new exhibition space in the oldest passenger railway...


Bioteknica – Vision 360 – 2007

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APR 18/APR 23 Shawn Bailey and Jennifer Willet have dedicated themselves to mastering the techniques of tissue engineering. But they are not scientists. They are artists – and their art...


Bioteknica: LiveLifeLab

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Vernissage at the FOFA Gallery at Concordia University (gallery director Lynn Beavis). BIOTEKNICA is a not-for-profit artist collective founded by Shawn Bailey and Jennifer Willet in 2000. Its purpose is...


ZeroOne :: Jennifer Willett and Oron Catts

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Jennifer Willett and Oron Catts interviewed about their exhibit at ISEA2006 / ZeroOne San Jose in August 2006 to create Teratological Prototypes in collaboration with the Tissue Culture & Art...

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Human Futures @ FACT launch

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Last night was the launch of the Human Futures exhibit SK-interfaces at FACT. It was really extraordinary and nice to see some friends come over for the event. The highlight...